The last two years have been hard on businesses across the US, but California maintains its #1 rank when it comes to new business formation in the country.

In the first half of 2022, there were 35,880 new openings in the state, accounting for 11% of the total number of new businesses in the country. Standing out and ensuring your business’ survival can be a difficult task when faced with thousands of competitors. But did you know that a business name generator can be a valuable tool that can help you propel your new business?

Keep reading to find out why.

Looking at Big Names in California

California-based social media giant Facebook underwent a rebrand in 2021. Although the app Facebook got to keep its original name, the umbrella group of companies at issue is now called “Meta”. This announced a new era of change and technological advancement for the company, a move that earned them both applause and scrutiny. The same can be said for the new hard-seltzer company Nectar, which saw huge growth in California and surrounding states thanks to its striking name and viral TikTok videos.

Significance of Business Names

Both instances are examples of how a business name can make a huge impact on how its audience receives it – and this applies to all businesses, whether big or small. And as the first thing that customers encounter, your name will definitely influence customers’ first impressions of your business. They say that relationships are often guided by first impressions, which makes it all the more important for business owners to use all the resources and tools available to help them create an impactful name.

Using Business Name Generators

A business name generator is the best way to come up with a business name that’s smart, exciting, and unique. While no idea in the world is a hundred percent original, a business name generator can help you put a spin on it and make it something that’s entirely yours. With one click, you can get a list of creative ideas based on your prompts, and possible domain names that will help you get a website up and running in no time. Not to mention – it also saves you and your team time by doing the brainstorming for you.

Marketing Your Business

Uniqueness plays a big part in making sure that your business is visible and marketable enough to the people that need it the most. That said, you’ll want a name that’s unique enough to appear in organic search results. While this can be achieved through search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, a name generator can help you develop a domain name that will rank higher on search pages, and one that’s versatile enough to use on different platforms.

Final Tips for Naming Businesses

All in all, there’s really no set blueprint to follow when it comes to creating a business name. After covering the important bases such as incorporating your company’s identity, values, and message, all there’s left to do is be innovative. There’s also nothing wrong with using tools like a name generator, branding templates, task management, or accounting solutions to give your business an advantage. In today’s playing field, your business will definitely need all the help to stay relevant and to rise up in the face of competition.

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