Premium QuickBooks POS Support Helps Retailers to Achieve More Sales

One of the reasons why Intuit’s QuickBooks software is so popular is that it is one of the most flexible systems around. While QuickBooks itself is extremely powerful, Intuit also offers other applications that make it even more so.

The QuickBooks Point of Sale platform, for instance, works very well for many retailers. Although it is generally considered easy to use, QuickBooks POS is complex enough that getting some help with it will sometimes be important. Fortunately, high-quality QuickBooks POS Support is readily available.

Help With All the Most Common QuickBooks Point of Sale Problems

QuickBooks POS is a comprehensive point of sale solution that includes many advanced features. Even retailers who stick to the basics sometimes find themselves running into difficulties, however. When issues concerning features like the following arise, having access to some high-quality QuickBooks POS Support often makes things easier:

Ringing up sales

As a dedicated point-of-sale system, QuickBooks is designed to make it as easy as possible to ring up and settle transactions. Thanks to input options ranging from bar-code scanners and the Microsoft Surface Tablet to old-fashioned manual entry, most retailers should be accommodated quite well. Many QuickBooks POS Support calls concern issues with one of these methods.

Inventory tracking

One of the main advantages of using a system like QuickBooks Point of Sale is having inventory levels and developments tracked automatically. QuickBooks Point of Sale Support specialists frequently help retailers get this valuable functionality working correctly.

Customer history and rewards programs

Retailers who exclusively use QuickBooks POS can build comprehensive histories of their customers’ transactions and preferences. A call to a QuickBooks Point of Sale technical Support number can yield information about how to leverage this data and use it for rewards programs and other purposes.

Credit card processing

QuickBooks POS uses Intuit’s QuickBooks Payments platform to process credit card transactions. Although this system is quite reliable, technical support specialists can also help resolve any problems that might arise with it.

QuickBooks synchronization

One of the most compelling reasons to switch to QuickBooks POS, for many retailers, is being able to synchronize it with the bookkeeping package that so many already use and like. When data no longer flows as it should, a call to the right QuickBooks POS technical Support phone number should reveal a solution.

Error codes

Although QuickBooks Point of Sale is extremely reliable and intuitive, it does produce cryptic-seeming error codes at times. Experienced QuickBooks POS Support specialists will be able to identify the meaning of these and how best to respond.

Third-party apps

Whether for making QuickBooks POS cooperate with an e-commerce platform or connecting a CRM app, getting help with third-party app integration can make an enormous difference.

Even More Fundamental Types of Support and Assistance

Relatively specific issues like those above account for many QuickBooks POS Support requests. Trained experts are always ready to help with more general QuickBooks Point of Sale matters, too, such as:


One of the benefits of QuickBooks POS compared to many alternatives is that it is relatively easy to get started with. Having staff members undergo training, though, can easily pay off by speeding up the process. Even once everyday, basic QuickBooks POS usage has become routine, arranging for more advanced training can open up new options.


Like any other system, QuickBooks POS needs to be kept secure. Particularly insofar as many installations contain quite a bit of information about customers, having an expert conduct a security audit can be helpful. An insecure QuickBooks POS system could endanger both a company and its clients.


As a well-designed piece of software, QuickBooks Point of Sale should normally run smoothly and quickly. When performance starts to lag, seeking out technical support will often be all that it takes to get things moving as they should be.


Upgrading to a new version of QuickBooks POS can be challenging, but help is available. Should any issues arise in the course of an upgrade or patch, a call to a QuickBooks Point of Sale technical Support specialist will often be in order.


QuickBooks POS supports many barcode scanners, but getting them working properly is not always easy. Another popular transaction entry option is the Microsoft Surface tablet, for which support can sometimes be needed, as well. Requesting support can also make it much easier to set up a receipt printer to work with QuickBooks POS.

High-Quality Support for QuickBooks POS is Readily Available

Fortunately, effective assistance with issues of all these kinds can easily be obtained by those who know where to look. There are quite a few companies that now provide support for QuickBooks POS, but the best tend to be:

Point of Sale


As with its other platforms, Intuit runs a certification program for QuickBooks POS. An Intuit Certified QuickBooks Point of Sale ProAdvisor should be able to provide useful support in just about any situation.


It will not always be convenient or even acceptable to obtain support during normal business hours. In fact, it will often be more practical to seek out assistance after a store has closed for the day. Leading providers of QuickBooks POS support normally maintain extended hours.


Finally, waiting too long for support can cost a QuickBooks POS user large amounts of money. Being able to obtain support quickly will always be best.

Support providers who check these boxes tend to be the best for QuickBooks Point of Sale users to rely on. While QuickBooks POS is not necessarily difficult to use, it is complex enough that being able to obtain high-quality support on demand can prove invaluable.