QuickBooks tool hub is a collection of all QuickBooks tools in one application. This one tool can help you to fix many common issues and errors with QuickBooks. You can always try QuickBooks tool hub when you face a problem with your QuickBooks Desktop.

Requirements for Installting QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Microsoft .NET framework
  • Microsoft visual C++ redistributable package

How to Download and Install

Click here http://dlm2.download.intuit.com/akdlm/SBD/QuickBooks/QBFDT/QuickBooksToolHub.exe to download QuickBooks tool hub.

Launch QuickBooksToolHub.exe to start the installation process.

Launch QuickBooksToolHub.exe

Click on Next.

terms and conditions

It will ask you to accept and agree Intuit’s license agreement. Click on Yes.

QuickBooks tool hub install destination folder

QuickBooks tool hub install destination folder

Select QuickBooks tool hub install destination folder and click on Next.

Click Install to begin the installation.

Once you click finish, QuickBooks Tool Hub will start for first time.

QuickBooks tool hub

QuickBooks tool hub

Components of QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. Home
  2. Company File Issues
  3. Network Issues
  4. Program Problems
  5. Installation Issues
  6. Password Reset
  7. Support

QuickBooks Tool Hub Home Screen

The home screen gives us some vital information about the QuickBooks tool hub and how we can use it effectively. It also specifies which component to use for specific problems.

Company File Issues QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks file doctor

If you have company file issues, select the second tab in QuickBooks tool hub and Run QuickBooks file doctor. Click here to learn what kind of errors and issues QuickBooks file doctor can fix.

Network Issues QuickBooks Tool Hub

If you are facing QuickBooks network issues, go to Network Issues tab in QuickBooks tool hub.

QuickBooks Program Issues QuickBooks Tool Hub

If you are facing QuickBooks 6xxx errors, go to Quick Fix my Program in Program Problem tab in QuickBooks tool hub.

QuickBooks Installation Issues QuickBooks Tool Hub

For installation problems and error in QuickBooks, go to Installation Issues tab and select the appropriate option. If you need to perform a clean install, go to Clean Install Tool. Click here to learn how QuickBooks install diagnostic tool can help.

QuickBooks Password Reset QuickBooks Tool Hub

For resetting the password on QuickBooks desktop, go to Password Reset tab.

Support Options QuickBooks Tool Hub

The last option is for QuickBooks support, you can check out different channels to learn how you can get in touch with Intuit QuickBooks support team.