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      QuickBooks by Intuit is the most popular bookkeeping software across the globe. The features of the software help business owners effectively manage the incoming and outgoing finances and keep a record of all financial details that may be required. QuickBooks cloud hosting service is a smart solution that hosts your QuickBooks on the cloud and provides an amazing number of benefits.
      With the rapid development of technology, around half of the world’s companies have adopted cloud accounting and more are on their way to follow. Below are some of the major advantages of QuickBooks cloud hosting.

      1. Work remotely from anywhere and at any time. All you need is a device and an internet connection.
      2. Simultaneous collaboration among team members brings out efficiency in work.
      3. The cloud backs up your data regularly, preventing it from corruption or loss due to natural or man-made reasons.
      4. Keeping data security on priority, the cloud platform is encrypted making it highly secure.
      5. High-end data centres make your work processing as quickly as possible, thereby saving a lot of time.
      6.QuickBooks server hosting can be done for all versions of the software.
      7. Multi-factor authentication provides an extra level of security for the software.
      8. Many manual tasks are automated with tools of smart software.
      And many more.

      Smart cloud accounting is quickly becoming the popular choice among business owners. With the latest technology tools of the application and benefits of the cloud, cloud based QuickBooks is the way to go.


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      There are a few things you must know before you move your data to QuickBooks in the cloud. Well, you don’t want to take any chances with QuickBooks cloud hosting. Here are seven things you should take note of:

      1. Be secure of what you want
      2. Tell your requirements clearly to your hosting service
      3. Get knowledge of cloud
      4. Let your users stay abreast with QB
      5. Ask as many questions as you can
      6. Check your infrastructure
      7. Be sure of upcoming challenges

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