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      I own a small business in Minnesota, and I have 3 users on QuickBooks. I am looking for one of the best QuickBooks cloud hosting services but I’m not able to decide which is a better solution. QuickBooks Pro vs Premier hosting. I have read this, and I point towards Pro, but I want to be double sure.

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      For many small business owners, QuickBooks is a popular choice for accounting software, but it’s just one choice they need to make.

      Listed below are some of the features of both Quickbooks pro hosting and QuickBooks premier:

      QuickBooks Pro:
      • Allows for three users.
      • A Customer Snapshot feature which provides key customer insights at a glance.
      • Income Tracker, a feature that shows your income-producing transactions and unpaid invoices to help you follow up with customers on payment.
      • Sales tax tracking.
      • Business performance reports including profit and loss, income and expenses, and more.
      • Invoice tracking capabilities
      • You can send professional quotes and invoices with QuickBooks right from your email account.
      • You can import data from earlier versions of Cloud based QuickBooks, Excel, or Quicken.

      In a nutshell, QuickBooks pro features some of the more basic yet essential accounting features for a business.

      QuickBooks Premier:
      • Allows for five users.
      • An upgraded Inventory Centre to help you manage inventory activities with many reports.
      • The ability to set up multiple units of measurement for inventory items.
      • An Inventory Assembly feature where you can track each piece of inventory and non-inventory material used to create the products you’re selling.
      • Job Costing Center to review time spent, income, and expenses for each job.
      • Ability to bill clients by job phase, percentage completed, and time spent.
      • Sales orders and back order capabilities.
      • Ability to track changes to job estimates.
      • Flexibility to change billing rates for different services, employees, and clients.
      • Balance sheet tracking by location, department, and profit center.

      You can think of QuickBooks Pro as a reliable car without the luxury features. The reliable car may not come with heated seats, but it serves the basic functions needed to get you from Point A to Point B.


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      Differences between QuickBooks Pro Hosting and QuickBooks Premier Hosting are as follows :

      QuickBooks Pro Hosting
      This version of QuickBooks serves small businesses with up to 3 users.
      It has features like tracking unpaid bills, monitoring transactions, creating customized reports, and more. It also offers the option to create rule-based customer groups that can automate the updates and management process.

      QuickBooks Premier Hosting
      QuickBooks on the other hand is suitable for small and mid-sized organizations with up to 5 users.
      One of the main highlights of QuickBooks Premier is that it offers the industry-specific feature. Here there are five versions of QuickBooks Premier that include retail, manufacturing, and wholesale, nonprofit, professional service, and contractors.

      Both QuickBooks Pro Hosting and QuickBooks Premier Hosting is a bit similar only the pricing varies depending upon the number of users

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      I don’t think that there is any difference in the hosting environment. The difference is the software version.

      QuickBooks have different versions based on the industry and business requirement type. You can choose accordingly.

      Some of the versions are:
      QuickBooks Pro
      QuickBooks Premier
      QuickBooks Enterprise
      QuickBooks Contractor
      QuickBooks Accountant

      You can also host your QuickBooks on Microsoft Azure.

      Contact us to know how you can setup your own cloud hosting infrastructure.

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