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    I own a small business in Minnesota, and I have 3 users on QuickBooks. I am looking for one of the best QuickBooks cloud hosting services but I’m not able to decide which is a better solution. QuickBooks Pro vs Premier hosting. I have read this, and I point towards Pro, but I want to be double sure.

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    For many small business owners, QuickBooks is a popular choice for accounting software, but it’s just one choice they need to make.

    Listed below are some of the features of both Quickbooks pro hosting and Quickbooks premier:

    Quickbooks Pro:
    • Allows for three users.
    • A Customer Snapshot feature which provides key customer insights at a glance.
    • Income Tracker, a feature that shows your income-producing transactions and unpaid invoices to help you follow up with customers on payment.
    • Sales tax tracking.
    • Business performance reports including profit and loss, income and expenses, and more.
    • Invoice tracking capabilities
    • You can send professional quotes and invoices with QuickBooks right from your email account.
    • You can import data from earlier versions of Cloud based QuickBooks, Excel, or Quicken.

    In a nutshell, QuickBooks pro features some of the more basic yet essential accounting features for a business.

    Quickbooks Premier:
    • Allows for five users.
    • An upgraded Inventory Centre to help you manage inventory activities with many reports.
    • The ability to set up multiple units of measurement for inventory items.
    • An Inventory Assembly feature where you can track each piece of inventory and non-inventory material used to create the products you’re selling.
    • Job Costing Center to review time spent, income, and expenses for each job.
    • Ability to bill clients by job phase, percentage completed, and time spent.
    • Sales orders and back order capabilities.
    • Ability to track changes to job estimates.
    • Flexibility to change billing rates for different services, employees, and clients.
    • Balance sheet tracking by location, department, and profit center.

    You can think of QuickBooks Pro as a reliable car without the luxury features. The reliable car may not come with heated seats, but it serves the basic functions needed to get you from Point A to Point B.


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