SaaS is a collection of web-based applications that provide software as a service. A SaaS provider hosts, maintain and upgrades software through the internet on its servers. SaaS is a centrally hosted, subscription-based software licensing model.

The broad adoption of the SaaS model of technology deployment is, without a doubt, a significant driver of technological disruption across businesses. According to studies, the worldwide SaaS industry is likely to reach or surpass USD 623 billion by 2023. Small and medium-sized firms working in these industries are the primary beneficiaries of SaaS across all industrial sectors.

While prominent players have certain benefits, smaller companies revolutionize their businesses. They have access to sophisticated tools through SaaS, allowing them to compete with the best in the market without worrying about expenses. They pay for the resource they use with SaaS, scale up or down based on business needs, and experience hassle-free technology implementation without needing dedicated monitoring of employees. This enables them to provide the greatest services to clients by utilizing the exact digital solutions as industry leaders.