What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2021

The accounting software, QuickBooks, is a popular choice for lots of businesses. Intuit's versatile product originally comes with lots of features, like invoice generation, report generation, bill payment, and tax preparation. Till now, we have found a series of [...]

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QuickBooks Desktop Users Might Have To Upgrade Their QuickBooks

From January 14, 2020 QuickBooks 2020 users will have to upgrade the version of their Windows operating system. As listed in Intuit's official website. This is because of the fact that Microsoft is ending its support for Windows 7 [...]

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New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2020

New QuickBooks Pro 2020 comes loaded with all new features and improvements, making it the choice of accounting software for small business users. Using new QuickBooks makes getting paid faster with improved reporting and management. New Features Included with [...]

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