Increasingly, small business owners are turning to cloud-based applications for their online data storage needs. Services such as Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Dropbox are popular, but there are other cloud-based apps to consider as well. From social media to project management, everything is happening in the cloud these days. If you own a small business, you probably use the cloud every day, even without realizing it. It only seems natural to move to a cloud-based accounting service, but does it really have benefits over conventional software? Read on to learn more about QuickBooks cloud hosting and its benefits.

Why Are Companies Making the Move to the Cloud?

According to the experts at Intuit, 78% of small business owners will be using cloud technology by 2020. As a bookkeeper or accountant looking for ways to serve your clients more efficiently, you’re likely already aware of the advantages of cloud-based accounting. However, it may be difficult to get some clients to play along. Some may have questions about “the cloud”, the security of their data, and the cost of cloud software. These concerns are legitimate, as change is always difficult. With the facts and information in this guide, you’ll be in a better position to answer clients’ and customers’ questions.

What is QuickBooks Cloud Software?

Usually, business owners execute their accounting duties on locally hosted software such as Quickbooks Desktop. On the other hand, cloud-hosted accounting is all done online. PCMag defines “cloud computing” as the storage and accessing of programs and data via the internet rather than a computer hard drive. The cloud has radically changed numerous industries over the past few years, allowing them to reduce costs, increase results, and operate efficiently. With QuickBooks cloud software, you can put that power to work for your company.

How Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks Can Help

Though QuickBooks is just one of many cloud accounting software suites, it’s one of the best. Some of its biggest benefits to business owners include:

Easy automation of many bookkeeping and accounting processes

These capabilities allow bookkeepers, accountants, business owners, and their clients to increase efficiency and spend more time growing their companies.

The ability to access important data from any device or location

One of the biggest benefits of cloud accounting is its accessibility. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, all you need is a compatible device and a reliable internet connection to access all your receipts, reports, and records. What’s more, you won’t have to install or download any software; you can do it all from your web browser! You’re no longer tied to your office’s servers when you need to access information remotely, and you’ll find it easier to collaborate with employees, partners, and bookkeeping staff. With always-on communication and access to remote services, business owners like you can build stronger relationships with your clients.

Real-time data updates

Because you’re able to access your company’s and your clients’ financial data in real time, you’ll gain the power to make important decisions quickly.

Scalability, both now and in the future

If your business started out really small (let’s say, performing less than 100 transactions per month), but it has recently grown tenfold, it’s important to choose a cloud accounting solution that supports that growth. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can easily scale to meet your company’s changing needs.