Whether you already plan to start one, or are the owner of a small business, there’s no overstating the fact that marketing can make or break your venture. With just the right strategies, you can carve out your place in the market, whereas with a lack of strategies or poor strategies, your business will most likely stagnate or see poor growth parameters.

In today’s world of social media, it’s easier than ever for one to learn marketing by staying up to date with all the trends and promoting their business in a simple yet comprehensive manner. And what better way to learn new things than books? Without delaying any further, let’s look at some of the best marketing audiobooks that can help you grow your small business.

Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson

A perfect tool for anyone just getting initiated into the world of marketing, Marketing Made Simple has helped tons of executives and CEOs everywhere. Companies frequently lose their customer base and miss out on potential customers just because their brand lacks a clear message and values that the customers can attach themselves to. To solve this problem, Miller had written the book Building a StoryBrand that taught any business owner how to create a message around their brand.

Now through this book, David takes it a step further by providing a guide with clear-cut strategies and a checklist of actions to be taken. This helps anyone apply the StoryBrand framework effectively to develop the story of their business and pull more customers towards them. Rather than providing you with advanced strategies, it sets you on the right path by helping you understand the basics of marketing. Narrated by both the authors, the audiobook presents its ideas more emphatically.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Reis and Jack Trout

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of carbonated drinks? Pepsi? Coca-Cola? What about smartphones? Apple? OnePlus? Sony? Samsung? Notice how there’s usually just one brand or two that comes to your mind when you think of any product. How? Brilliant marketing. The book is just about that: how to position your business in the minds of the customers. Written in a breezy, clever manner, Positioning shows you how to create a permanent position in the subconscious of the market so that your name and message become a household symbol.

It also shares several other strategies that help you build a strategy around that of your competitors and their weaknesses and even reposition your strong competitors. Helping to use your current position to maximum advantage and inspecting the current trends to improve your positioning and reach more potential customers, provides an exhaustive selection of strategies for your business.

One of the best pieces of advice this book puts forth is to create a new category instead of trying to compete in an already established niche. And once you dominate a certain sector, keep playing and expanding in that instead of dipping your feet into new ventures.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

Mixing years of research with engrossing stories, Contagious is a book for everyone, from those looking to make their business go viral to those who are curious about how and why some things go viral in the first place. Why do some things get popular in no time while some brands fail to make their mark even after years? And if you think the answer to all that is advertising, you must consider it again because a large fraction of viral content spreads through word of mouth. But why do some things spread like this and not the others?

Through this book, Berger looks at how different social influences shape how we think and how we purchase. He looks at the six things that make any product contagious and shows how you can use this information to your advantage. By providing a list of strategies that prompt you to take action towards creating a viral trend or product idea, the book helps your business expand beyond its usual audience. Narrated with clarity and precision by Keith Nobbs, the audiobook keeps you hooked till the very end.

Duct Tape Marketing Revised and Updated: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide by John Jantsch

Are you marketing on a budget? Does the idea of hiring marketing firms to promote and expand your business scare you? Then this might just be the book for you. Claiming to be the world’s most practical guide of marketing for small businesses, the book mostly stands up to that promise. Like duct tape, the ideas in this book are meant to stick so that you make a permanent impact on the minds of your present and future customers. With a step-by-step guide that takes you through the different stages of marketing, John provides invaluable strategies and tips for small businesses to market themselves in an influential manner.

A large number of marketing books often focus more on the large picture, forestalling the small steps that are required to reach there in the first place. Compared to that, Duct Tape Marketing helps you start from scratch and assist you through every step of the journey. Containing almost everything required for an enterprise to market itself, this book is unmissable for every small business owner out there.

Think Big, Act Small: How America’s Best Performing Companies Keep the Start-up Spirit Alive by Jason Jennings

Do you hope to make it big? Do you want your company to achieve growth and success in the long term? Then why not learn from those who have already done that in the past. In this book, Jason interviews 9 companies that saw 10% growth over 10 consecutive years without employing any form of manipulation or cheap tricks. Despite the wide range of industries that these companies operate in, they all have some things in common. And that’s what the book looks at.

As the book title suggests, acting on small things such as creating value for your business, taking care of your customers’ needs, and building a community helps sustain the right kind of approach that, in turn, provides the company with a successful performance over a long period. Only by grasping the basics can you make it big and this book shows just that through the different companies that it focuses upon.

Guerilla Marketing: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business by Jay Conrad Levinson

First published almost four decades back, Guerrilla Marketing revolutionized marketing for small businesses by showing strategies that were relentless and required persistence over a long period. You have to create several impressions on a customer before they’ll even start thinking about purchasing your product or service. And the book shows how you can create those impressions in a way that is effective and impactful. The methods provided here mostly don’t cost you anything but help you in building a relationship with your customers that lasts for a long time and helps you grow.

Now revised for today’s digital age, the book provides you with techniques for using modern technology to market your products. Be it through automated marketing or via podcast networks, it shows you how to target prospective clients and expand your business through persistent guerilla marketing. David Hilder narrates the text sharply, highlighting the different techniques with precision and clarity.

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

Written for today’s digital age, They Ask You Answer underlines the value of content marketing and what and how you should write the answers that your customers require. Long gone are the days when stuffing keywords used to be enough for your pages to rank and attract audiences. Quality content is the order of the day: content that inspires, attracts, and influences. Unlike the traditional marketing methods such as the radio, television, or newspapers, marketing through the internet costs surprisingly little and has enormous reach with just the right kind of strategy. But marketing in a saturated space that is the internet requires the right guidance and methods which Sheridan provides throughout this book.

Through the example of his own pooling company, which was once struggling but is now one of the largest firms, Marcus shows how you can employ content marketing to build trust and utilize tactics that are bound to work, no matter what your industry or field. Instead of always trying to sell your product, the book shows how you can just answer questions effectively and draw new customers in a non-negotiable manner. With this type of marketing that is both measurable and precise, your business is certain to see positive growth in no time.

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