Your QuickBooks Company files hold all your accounting data. Even the slightest of problems or errors in the company file can be a reason for concern. There are certain best practices to reduce problems with the QuickBooks Company file. These can help you reduce risks of losing data or damaging the file beyond repair. But if you do end up encountering a problem with your QuickBooks Company files, then there are certain troubleshooting steps that can help you solve the problem.

QuickBooks Best Practices to Avoid Errors in Your Company File

Create Backups

You can use the most recent backup to restore any data you would have lost when a company file gets damaged. Typically, backups must be stored in an external hard drive or in the cloud (online). If your computer breaks down, your backup will be safe and continuing work on QuickBooks will be less of a problem.

Shut Down Your Computer After Closing All Programs

Files may suffer damage if your computer is shut down unexpectedly while you were working on your QuickBooks Company file. Make sure that you close all the programs on your computer and then shut it down. If you feel that power outages, fluctuations, or failures can be a concern, then invest in a UPS which connects to all computers on which QuickBooks is running.

Maintain Your Hardware

The computer which stores your QuickBooks file should be well-maintained. Old or outdated computers are more likely to cause problems and may lead to data damage. To maintain a healthy QuickBooks file, you must have a healthy computer. Keep the operating system and all applications in the computer updated.

Don’t Use a Wireless Connection

QuickBooks insists that all its users should use hardwired connections instead of wireless connections when working on the Company file. Wired connections are dependable, and have lower risks of running into problems of data damage than wirelessly connected computers.

QuickBooks File Doctor

If a company file is damaged or returns an error when you try to access it, then QuickBooks has built a tool that can help you solve the problem. It is known as QuickBooks File Doctor. The tool is a