Over the years, Apple has had many competitors. Many companies and organizations have tried to emulate Apple’s style of marketing, branding, and even manufacturing phones with similar features. However, none of them have been able to steal the thunder of Apple and its offerings. There are tons of individuals who wonder how Apple manages to stay ahead of the competition despite pricing its products so aggressively. Well, there is no single answer to this question.

Apple employs numerous tactics and systems to ensure no one comes close to them. According to Bizfluent, Apple’s strong integrated supply chain, its brand strength, and its innovative products are some of the factors that facilitate the company to maintain its position at the top. However, one factor that sets Apple apart is its offering in the virtual products sector.

Apple’s ecosystem is deemed the most powerful compared to others primarily because of its top-tier features, functionalities, and native applications that seamlessly work on all their devices. iCloud is an excellent example of this. iCloud is Apple’s native cloud storage platform that facilitates users of Apple devices to store and manage unlimited data without hassle. Besides facilitating users to store files like pictures, audio and video clips, documents, etc., the platform also allows users to save app data and backups.

Apple offers new users 5 GB of free cloud storage space on iCloud. Even though 5 GB is ample space, it can run out pretty quickly if users store tons of data from multiple Apple devices. A full iCloud account prevents users from storing or adding more data. However, there are numerous methods following which users can resolve the “iCloud Storage is full” issue. This article will list multiple effective fixes that can resolv