Over the years, Apple has had many competitors. Many companies and organizations have tried to emulate Apple’s style of marketing, branding, and even manufacturing phones with similar features. However, none of them have been able to steal the thunder of Apple and its offerings. There are tons of individuals who wonder how Apple manages to stay ahead of the competition despite pricing its products so aggressively. Well, there is no single answer to this question.

Apple employs numerous tactics and systems to ensure no one comes close to them. According to Bizfluent, Apple’s strong integrated supply chain, its brand strength, and its innovative products are some of the factors that facilitate the company to maintain its position at the top. However, one factor that sets Apple apart is its offering in the virtual products sector.

Apple’s ecosystem is deemed the most powerful compared to others primarily because of its top-tier features, functionalities, and native applications that seamlessly work on all their devices. iCloud is an excellent example of this. iCloud is Apple’s native cloud storage platform that facilitates users of Apple devices to store and manage unlimited data without hassle. Besides facilitating users to store files like pictures, audio and video clips, documents, etc., the platform also allows users to save app data and backups.

Apple offers new users 5 GB of free cloud storage space on iCloud. Even though 5 GB is ample space, it can run out pretty quickly if users store tons of data from multiple Apple devices. A full iCloud account prevents users from storing or adding more data. However, there are numerous methods following which users can resolve the “iCloud Storage is full” issue. This article will list multiple effective fixes that can resolve the storage issue of iCloud. Let us dive right into it:

Get Rid of Unwanted App Data and Backups

One of the most efficient ways in which iCloud users can effectively vacate space on their cloud storage account is by getting rid of data and files they no longer require. To do so, they first need to navigate to the iCloud section by going to the Apple ID option on their iPhone and tapping on the iCloud option. From there, they can choose the applications whose data they do not require and use the Delete Data option to eliminate them. Doing so will facilitate users to free up massive amounts of storage space on their iCloud account, mainly because applications store big chunks of data that often are obsolete.

Besides this, users can also vacate their iCloud account by getting rid of backups. To do so, they need to tap on the “Backups” option to see the list of backups on their cloud-based storage account. They can delete any file or data backup from here by tapping or clicking on the “Delete Backup” option.

Utilize iCloud’s Temporary Storage Functionality

As mentioned earlier, Apple offers users 5 GB of storage space for free. However, it is not enough in most cases, especially if users wish to back up their Mac’s data. However, the new Apple program fixes the issue by providing users as much space as they require to store backups for the purpose of downloading it on a new device, thus transferring data from one iPhone to another. However, this feature can only be availed of and used when you do not have enough storage space on iCloud.

If you wish to create a temporary backup or backup an iPhone that has no storage, all you need to do is open your iPhone’s settings, open the General window, tap on the Transfer or reset iPhone option, follow the steps, move all app data with iCloud and tap on the done option. It is a great way to utilize the temporary storage functionality of iCloud to store and transfer data.

Buy Additional Storage Space

5 GB iCloud storage space is not enough for most users, especially if they own multiple Apple devices like a Mac or an iPad and wish to store all their data on their iCloud account. Even though users can delete data and backups present on their iCloud account, it may not be an option for everyone since there are individuals who cannot afford to get rid of essential files. In this case, the best way to opt for it is to purchase additional storage space on iCloud. Apple offers numerous iCloud plans, and thus, users can choose the one that suits their requirements perfectly. Different regions around the globe have different plans and rates. Users who require more space can buy extra storage space monthly by adding funds to their Apple ID or by using their credit card directly.

If you own one or multiple Apple devices and wish to use iCloud as your primary storage solution, keeping the aforementioned tips will come in handy when you need to clear iCloud storage space.