From January 14, 2020 QuickBooks 2020 users will have to upgrade the version of their Windows operating system. As listed in Intuit’s official website. This is because of the fact that Microsoft is ending its support for Windows 7 users and further it will not provide any security updates for Windows 7 from Jan 14.

Intuit recommends that running QuickBooks desktop is not safe with Windows 7. There could be possible cases of QuickBooks data corruption. The users who are using Windows 7 will have to update their to Windows 10. There are other version of QuickBooks desktop that can run on Windows 8 but they recommend upgrading straight to Window 10.

The good news for the users is that once you upgrade your Windows you can reinstall your old QuickBooks desktop and you need not to upgrade it. The old QuickBooks license will work once the upgrade process is complete.

You can uninstall QuickBooks desktop before upgrading or moving to a different computer with required configuration. Similarly, folks that are using Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 will have to upgrade their operating system.