After uploading and downloading transactions from your native bank account to your bank account in QuickBooks desktop for a consecutively long time, suddenly your bank account is unrecognized by QuickBooks.

You probably get the following two choices to choose from

  • Use an existing QuickBooks Account.
  • Create a new QuickBooks Account.

When this displays on your screen:

“Quickbooks Does Not Have An Online Account To Handle These Transactions”.

This is what mostly faced by clients of QuickBooks. Now, should you delete the data accumulated from a long period, of course not? As you might have a lot of years of data and you want to avoid starting from scratch. I’m here to lend my hand with your concern about uploading your bank transactions in QBDT-Quickbooks desktop.

Before you start to upload the WebConnect file from your QuickBooks bank account, you need to Deactivate All Bank Feeds for that particular account. Follow thes