Taxation is the most important but complex task for any business. Soon ProSeries taxation software step in it has make life easier. Pro tax software is very comprehensive taxation base in which you can carry out your taxation work in most efficient and effective way. It is a professional desktop-based software mostly used by the small medium organization all-round the globe. The best thing about the software is it affordability to the is not very expensive and it is extremely useful, because it is one of the most in depth taxation software around. User can perform its taxation work efficiently and accurately. Customization of the tax return in available time gives u a great addition in managing the work according to your need. This professional software helps the user to submit its tax in proper time without errors. User can also have analysis over their clients tax return filed. Pro tax desktop can also integrate with different IT software’s. Through its online portal user can submit it taxation data in professional way.

What is New in this Updated Pro Tax Version?

Readers now must be thinking how this new version will be making life easier. Let me shed some light on the benefits of using this newer version:

Processing taxation work is fast and accurate

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: as name suggest by using shortcuts it helps to work faster and get your work done easily.
  • Downloading Next Year Product: Now user don’t have to download next year product is automatically does by itself
  • Line Sensitive Help: artificial intelligence simply make life easier by suggesting related filed when user type something.
  • Constant On-Screen Help: help always pops-out when needed. User will not left alone.
  • Quick Entry Sheets Professional only: most effective way of entering data with minimum scrolling on various forms,  in this way use quickly entry sheets to enter data faster with less scrolling on many forms, such as Scheduled C.
  • Taxation basic guidelines only:
  • Left side navigation categories of input.
  • To easily select types of input based on client’s situation.
  • Tabs for forms that require input /output.
  • Splitting married filing joint returns professional only

Managing Clients Becomes Much Easier

  • Client status: Insert all active data related to clients like expected tax return file and planning other activity.
  • Reviewing the client data professionally.
  • Client checklist: creating items list by making last year base for the professional clients only.
  • Options for billing: as by your preference set billing method for example hourly or fixed.
  • Clients Presentation
  • Consultancy with clients
  • Taxation planning

More options to make your life easy

  • Multiyear e_filling
  • PDF attachments for e-filed returns
  • K-1 transfer professional only
  • Clients snapshot
  • Task Scheduler
  • Password protected PDFs by email

Merits of using ProSeries tax package:

Efficient Support

Multiple support is there for user either they can email the support office or they can also avail the option to telephonic service, which is a standout service user, can get their problem solved over a call.


Mainting the quality of software is vital. And ProSeries is very efficient in mainting the smoothness of their software. Removing the bugs and other malfunctions if in case user face right away. They maintain and make sure that the double entry data has no issues what so ever.


One of the biggest advantage of using this software is that it also work with other software, data sharing between is easy for the user because they can be easily integrate important data. This really help when user want their accounting data to intergrade with taxation software so that they can easily compute their tax and other working.

Extra features

Printing all of the data like tax return receipt, client returns, tax working, and taxation rate tables or computed taxable income. User can take prints in most systemic and customize way many of the options are available. In software also has the backup file feature, which protect the user important information not to waste. It has inbuilt backup feature. Multiple accountants can work on a single computation of tax and best thing is that on this software they can work on multiple returns at the same time, which also save time.

Installing New Version ProSeries?

Pro Series Tax Software Intuit

Well just, visit using internet and click the install button to completely install this software.
There is the update to the ProSeries tax products that you previously installed:

  • There is quite a possibility that previous software of tax include forms that are not ready yet for the latest tax year
  • User can look for updates of the ProSeries tax package on different calendar dates.
  • User can expect quite a few updates of the software before it is ready to use.
  • In case there has been some changes in taxation by government than it is obvious that new, version or update will be vital for your current software.

Extra ProSeries package can also be install using or fresh software can be installed by using following methods.

  • Go to Task Scheduler
  • By official pro tax series CD
  • Or from ProSeries program menu
  • By visiting

Please note that the focus of this article was to shed light on ProSeries Professional Tax Software updated version 2020, if you have any other question feel free to call us on our toll free number.