Motion Designers are currently leading the most successful lives. Why? Because this profession is interesting and also pays well. Regardless of your education level or status, you can choose the motion designer field at any time of your life.

You can easily succeed in this field by knowing a few facts and tricks. In this article, we would be discussing everything you need to know about Motion Designer.

How To Become A Motion Designer?

You can become a motion designer by following 10 steps:

1. Seek Out Collaboration

Most clients hire motion designers by looking at their portfolios. Initially, you can offer them free services to build a client base. Many new businesses are developing these days. So, stay proactive to make collaborations for their logos or other required visual artwork. Advertise your services to find paying clients.
The proven method is to create a website that shows your visual artwork. Ensure that the website can easily be accessed.
By following these steps you can easily attain victory in motion designing. You can also choose between a full-time or freelancing job, according to your preference. Ensure that you have skills in organization, 3-D models, communication, adapting, timing and most importantly understanding other person’s perspectives. Get graphic design and animation courses here.

2. Bachelor’s Degree

Although, you can become a top-notch motion designer even without a bachelor’s degree. But formal education will help you in understanding the clients and their needs. Thus, degrees in fields like design, art, digital media, and other similar subjects can polish your motion designing career.

3. Learn to use the required tools

Motion designing is all about having a good grip on visual online tools. Thus, learn the concepts and artwork through each tool. You can find various online tutorials to learn the visual tools easily. Learn until motion designing becomes your defining element.
Moreover, ensure to learn the 12 principles of animation, as they play a key role in graphic and motion designing.

4. Create Your Portfolio

While learning, continue creating your visual library. You should start by adding photos, videos, GIFs, animations, and music to your visual library. It will not only help you in practicing your skill but will also help as a portfolio.

5. Constantly Update your skills

Keep your knowledge updated about motion designing to keep up with global trends. You should also consider observing the artwork of other fellows. It will help you improve and enhance your skills.

6. Enhance your personality

As you are planning to become a Motion Designer, you need not be shy to show off your personality. Your personality is an important part of Motion Designing. So, you need to prepare yourself before joining the Motion Designing Industry. The more confident and open-minded person will easily succeed in Motion Designing.

7. Gain Experience

You can gain Motion Designing experience by working as a Motion Tagger. Motion tagging is an important job in Motion Designing, wherein you are creating animation for other people’s product logos or videos. Many companies are offering Motion tagging services to the producers. Thus, if you have skills in motion designing you can easily make money with your talent.

8. Motion Design for Short Films

Ensure to create Motion Designing portfolios that demonstrate your talent in animating short clips, logos, pictures and the like. It will help you in finding suitable Motion Designing jobs. Always keep in mind that Motion Design is all about creativity, so provide unique visual content to excel easily in this field. Motion designer salary in India looks promising, according to reports from CareerShapers.

9. Work With a Good Company

It is highly recommended that you should work with a company which provides Motion Designing services instead of establishing your own company. As Motion Designers have a good scope in the near future but it also restricts the talent in taking Motion Designing related risks. So, you should choose between freelancing and working in a company.

10. Become a Motion Designer for TV Channels

If you want to earn more money and fame, then Motion Designing for TV channels is the best option for you. Motion Designers get paid high salaries by designing motion graphics for TV channels. Motion Designing for TV is a lucrative career option in the Motion Designing Industry. So, take Motion Designing training courses to excel easily in this field.

However, Motion Graphics Artists are also becoming famous nowadays due to the tremendous growth in animated videos and explainer videos.

What Do Graphics Motion Designers Do?

Graphic designers are skilled in creating visual and artistic work for various media including TV, film, and the internet. They create amazing visual productions by using some animation techniques, and visual tools.

You might have already observed graphic designing in some commercials or cartoon movies. If you have creativity and love producing visual artwork, then the graphic motion designing field would be the best for you. Graphic Motion Designers usually perform the following tasks:

  • Creating visual tasks with their creativity
  • Adding motion to static pictures using animation tactics
  • Communicating with clients and other creative fellows

Are motion designers animators?

Motion designers are known for their ability to animate type, create dynamic transitions and build interactive designs. Motion design is created with various software tools, including Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and Apple Motion. Motion design has exploded in popularity over the last several years, transforming the role of motion design into something that closely resembles animation.

While some view motion design as the process of animating graphics, others feel that motion designers are not true animators. Motion designers often possess similar skills to traditional animators, but there are some key differences between the two fields.

A Motion Designer creates animation for brands and products.

Is Graphic Design a good career?

Yes, the Graphic Design and Motion Picture industry is a great career. There are many different types of graphic design, with each one requiring its own set of skills and tools for success. Motion Graphic Designers use animation to make things move; Motion Designers work on television shows, movies, and video games among other things.

Final Words

Motion design is growing in demand and can be a very lucrative career. If you want to become a motion designer, start by learning the basics of animation and After Effects. Once you have a strong foundation, experiment with your own style and find ways to add unique touches to your work. Keep practicing and learning new techniques, and eventually, you’ll develop the skills needed to succeed as a motion designer.