Intuit is a perfectionist, which may explain why they work hard to keep everything in order. QuickBooks is the essence of what a good accounting program should be. Even with all of one’s enthusiasm and work, there are always thorns in one’s path. The QuickBooks error 6189 and 816 is one such stumbling block.

QuickBooks error -6189,-816 is another name for it. Don’t be alarmed if you see these massive figures on your screen. It’s merely a gimmick that can irritate you, but it’s not as severe as it appears.

Before appreciating this error, you must first grasp what QuickBooks is. Intuit’s QuickBooks is a high-level accounting program developed for various business purposes. QuickBooks can handle all of your financial data on its own, including updating payrolls, producing statistical reports, and even dealing with tax information. It can also calculate market trends and keep track of real-time business situations. As a result of this, it is without a doubt the best cloud-based accounting software accessible. QuickBooks is such a big player that it even provides solutions for irritating users. It also offers unique tools for issues like QuickBooks error 6189 and 816.

Details About QuickBooks 6189 and 816 Error

Quickbooks Error Code 6189 And 816

If you try to open a file in the QuickBooks software, you will see QuickBooks errors 6189 and 816. This is a run-time mistake that causes mayhem. It can also try to enter QuickBooks’ multi-user mode. Even though it contains a rather descriptive error message, some individuals still have trouble understanding the fundamental causes of QuickBooks issue 6189 and 816. That is why, in no time, you should be able to solve it with simple steps.

Factors Contributing to QuickBooks Error Code 6189 and 816

Because issue 6189 in QuickBooks can be caused by various factors, it’s critical to figure out what’s causing it so that you can receive a proper and quick fix.

  • You don’t have read/write permission on QB files accessed from a folder.
  • If you used a corrupt setup file to install QuickBooks.
  • An incomplete QuickBooks installation can potentially cause this problem.
  • Another user has already accessed the company’s data file you’re trying to access.
  • If you’re using QuickBooks in single-user mode and another person logs in.
  • Error 6189 816 can also be caused by Windows registry issues, malware/virus infections, or faulty Windows operating system files.
  • QuickBooks requires Windows drivers, which are currently unavailable.
  • If the company data file or transaction log file for QuickBooks is corrupted or missing.

List of Methods to Resolve 6189 and 816 Error in QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1: Verifying the DataServiceUse Permissions in QuickBooks

Check the permissions granted for the QBDataServiceUser based on the QuickBooks version installed on your system. After that, you must copy the file to your Windows desktop and save it. If the file opens, the issue was most likely with the folder’s location. This is the location where the QB file was saved.

Method 2: Using File Doctor to Repair the File

To fix this problem, you can utilize QuickBooks file doctor, a fantastic piece of software. The QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool in the QuickBooks Tool Hub that can fix errors such as QuickBooks error 6189 and 816. To do so, go to the QuickBooks tool hub and select Company Files from the drop-down menu. You need to click on “Run QuickBooks file.” This will begin a scan to see any problems with the data.

Method 3: Get the QuickBooks Tool Hub and Install It

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is useful in the correction of frequent errors. To use the tool hub, you must first close QuickBooks. Tool Hub on Windows 10, 64-bit, is recommended for the best experience.

The latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub’s most recent version ( is available for download. Would you mind saving the file somewhere? You’ll be able to find it quickly (like your Downloads folder or your Windows desktop). Note: If you’ve previously installed Tool Hub, you can check which version you have.

The Home tab should be selected. The version will be at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Install the latest version

  • You need to open the downloaded file
  • After that, install by following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • When the installation is complete, double-click the tool hub icon on your Windows desktop to launch it.

Step 2: Run the Quick Fix My Program Tool from the Tool Hub

  • Select Program Problems from the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Select Quick Fix My Program from the drop-down menu.
  • Open your data file in QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 4: Keeping QuickBooks Desktop Up to date

If the case, you are using an older version of QuickBooks, you can get this problem. Certain features of QuickBooks are not updated if you use an earlier version of the software. Because it is critical to keep all of QuickBooks tools up to date, you must upgrade QuickBooks to the most recent version available on Intuit’s official website. You must check if the error still exists after updating the program.

Method 5: To Fix QuickBooks Issues 6189 and 816, Restart Your Computer

  • Most issues can be resolved by just restarting their workstation. This may appear insignificant to you, yet it is quite effective. Let’s have a look at how to do it.
  • Restart the PC where the corporate file is currently stored.
  • After that, all of the workstations should be restarted.
  • After that, you must launch the QuickBooks desktop application on your computer. Then, on all other workstations, open it.
  • The QuickBooks errors 6189 and 816 will most likely be eliminated due to this.
  • Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager as a fourth option.

If you are working with a company file on a server computer, QuickBooks Database Server Manager is an option. This program will work wonders by correcting problems caused by the multi-user mode’s instability.

  • The first step is to go to QuickBooks Tool Hub and open it.
  • The option to open QuickBooks Database Server Manager can be found in the tool hub.
  • After selecting the option, the QuickBooks Database Server Manager window will appear. You must first locate the company file and then select Start Scan.
  • You also have the option of browsing if you cannot locate the file.
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager will automatically resolve the firewall issue and permissions after the scan is completed.
  • You must click after the scan has been completed.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager will automatically resolve the firewall issue and permissions after the scan is completed.

Method 6: Renaming the Network Data and Transaction Log files

Both the network data file and the transaction log file are configuration files that enable QuickBooks Multi-user mode. QuickBooks error -6189 will most certainly occur if these files are broken, damaged, or corrupted.

When the QuickBooks Database Server Manager scans these files, they are automatically regenerated. Renaming the files can result in a significant difference in QuickBooks errors. You can try renaming the ND and TLG files and see if the error still occurs.

  • You can rename the ND and TLG files in the same way.
  • You must open the folder containing the company file.
  • Now you must find the company file.qbw.nd and company file.qbw.tlg files.
  • You must right-click on both files separately and choose rename from the menu.
  • After you’ve completed this procedure, open QuickBooks Desktop and see if the problem is still present.

Method 7: Storage of the QuickBooks Company Data File

You must always keep the corporate file on your local hard drive. If you save it on an external hard drive, you will undoubtedly run into this problem. Also, if you use the QuickBooks file as an online backup file, this problem will persist. It is a good idea to have the corporate file on your computer’s desktop.

Final thoughts

After you have followed these steps, your problem should be fixed. These are high-caliber and high-quality methods. These will undoubtedly assist you in fixing your issue. To achieve excellent outcomes, it is essential that you carefully complete each of these stages one by one. While using QuickBooks, you may encounter other QuickBooks errors such as QB Error 179, 404, and so on. You can either manually troubleshoot these problems. If your problem persists, you should contact Intuit’s customer service department. The highly qualified crew will undoubtedly assist you in resolving this error.

QuickBooks error 6189 is a Multi-User issue that prevents users from accessing a company file stored on the server computer. “An error occurred when QuickBooks attempted to access the company file (-6189, -816),” states the error notice.

Fortunately, this problem isn’t caused by data loss, and it may be swiftly fixed by adjusting the multi-user hosting settings and supporting components. While conducting activities on Windows and Mac operating systems, the QuickBooks Desktop application faces various issues. Opening a company file in QuickBooks to access data is one of the users’ most typical tasks while using the software.

A run-time error is QuickBooks error code 6189, 816. Users may find it difficult to pinpoint the actual cause and repair it. QuickBooks is an excellent tool for monitoring financial data and keeping track of the current situation of the business in real-time. It provides both on-site and cloud-based accounting services.

The platform’s simplicity makes it simple for any user to operate with it, and it doesn’t require any advanced accounting knowledge. Despite having the most excellent protection systems to secure financial data, the program occasionally gets tied up in confusing error circumstances. This can put an organization’s finances in jeopardy.