We often see that most of the software solutions that are available in the market are targeted at large businesses. If you own/manage a mid-sized or small business, these products are very unlikely to suit your business requirements. Although there do exist, numerous third-party vendors who offer off-the-shelf software products, very few cater to the needs of small or mid-sized businesses.

Purchasing tailor-made software for each of your functions is ideally not a prudent move. However, if you choose to purchase a bespoke software to manage non-revenue generating yet critical functions such as accounts and bookkeeping, your business will benefit.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is accounting software that is designed by Intuit to cater to the accounting and bookkeeping needs of your business. This software is created exclusively, keeping in mind mid-sized and small businesses. QuickBooks can help you keep your accounts, track your finances, and generate actionable insights in the form of reports to assist in decision making.

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Points to Know Before Adopting QuickBooks?

The best part about adopting QuickBooks is that it pays due regard to the small and mid-sized players operating across industries. This accounting software can be adopted irrespective of your line of business, the scale of operations, and future growth trajectory. You can now leverage this software to set foot on uncharted market segments to boost your sales revenue exponentially.

Why Should You Use QuickBooks for Business?

Here are five main reasons that will compel you to choose QuickBooks for your business:

  • It is a customer-oriented solution that you can manage without requiring an accountant.
  • You can use this solution on the go as it is compatible across devices and platforms.
  • You can use the cloud-based version of QuickBooks remotely as well.
  • Data security and the backup facility is available to safeguard data integrity of your business.
  • Taxation can be risk-free and easy to manage by using QuickBooks.

What are QuickBooks Update Errors And Their Implications?

QuickBooks update error is an error that occurs when you are updating the software. These can appear anytime when you are running the application. It is crucial to address these update errors as they tend to affect the software’s features (mainly payroll) adversely. This will also halt any further updates and downloads that the software may require. By keeping these errors unresolved, you will compromise your solution’s ability to fix bugs, secure data, and make available latest updates.

What are the Leading Causes that Result in Update Errors?

If you are regularly encountering QuickBooks update errors, you may want to check the following –

  • Is the Date and Time settings on your computer correct?
  • Are the errors resulting due to internet connectivity issues?
  • Is your firewall responsible for halting updates and downloads?
  • Do you have duplicate copies of the QuickBooks software due to multiple installations you have attempted?

Any discrepancies in the areas mentioned above will trigger QuickBooks update error that will require fixing/troubleshooting.

What are the Commonly Occurring QuickBooks Update Errors?

The most common QuickBooks update errors you may encounter are

  • Error 12157
  • Error 12045
  • Error 12037
  • Error 12038
  • Error 15277
  • Error 404

How to Fix the QuickBooks Update Errors?

For error-free QuickBooks update, it is important to tackle the reasons that trigger it. So, the four steps that you need to look at to update your software without any restrictions are –

  1. Ensure that the date and time on your desktop/computer are correct. Else, make changes to make the settings correct.
  2. Ensure that your connectivity is seamless. Errors pop up even if your system is unable to connect to the internet.
  3. Modify your firewall to accommodate updates and downloads.
  4. Get rid of any duplicates of the QuickBooks software available on your computer.

After ensuring that all the above-listed areas are correct, try downloading the latest updates again. There is a good chance that the updates will successfully take place.

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