Error OL 301 shows up on your screen when there is a connection problem between your bank and QuickBooks or when there is a problem with the Company File. The error window will usually have the header, ‘Problem Connecting’, along with a long body explaining the error and the error code at the end of the error message.

Causes of QuickBooks Error OL 301

QuickBooks Error OL 301 usually comes up when there is a problem with the connection between your QuickBooks program and your financial institutions. Reasons, why this may happen, are:

  1. The financial institutions’ online platform may be under maintenance
  2. Your bank’s servers may be down
  3. QuickBooks may need an update
  4. Your company file may have data integrity problems.

Things To Do Before Fixing QuickBooks Error OL 301

Quickbooks Error Ol 301

Begin by backing up your company file in order to minimize the risks of data loss. Once the company file is backed up, we will find out whether the problem lies with the company file or the bank connection. To do this, we will create a test company file and see if we get the same error.

Steps To Backup Your Company File

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on ‘File’ then click on ‘Backup Company’
  • Then choose ‘Create’

Steps To Create a Test Company File

  • Open QuickBooks desktop and ‘File’.
  • Choose ‘New Company’
  • Click on ‘Express Start’ or ‘Start Setup’
  • Enter the required details in the Startup window and click on ‘Create Company’
  • Choose the option ‘Start working’ and check if you get the error message again


Follow these solutions step by step to resolve this error:

If The Error Message Shows Back

It means that there is a problem with the connection between your bank and QuickBooks.

A common reason why this happens is when you have recently installed QuickBooks, and your bank requires you to confirm your identity before you begin using the bank’s online services through QuickBooks. If this is the case, then login to your bank through the browser and check if there are any notifications that require you to approve access to your bank’s online services from QuickBooks. If you don’t see any notifications and your bank’s online services can be accessed without problems when you log in through the browser, then call your bank for help with access through QuickBooks.

Make sure you discuss the problem with a representative who knows about QuickBooks Online Banking.

If You Do Not See The Error Message

It means that the problem is not with the bank connection but with the QuickBooks software or the company file. The following solutions can help in solving QuickBooks Error OL 301 when the problem is with QuickBooks and not the bank.

Reset the Bank Connection

Sometimes, when banks update their online service systems, it is possible that the connection between QuickBooks and the bank would have been interrupted, causing the error. To solve this, we can refresh the bank feeds for the bank with which you are having problems.

  • Make sure all downloaded transactions have either been matched or deleted for the account. You will not be able to switch off the bank feeds if there are pending transactions.
  • Click on ‘Lists’ and choose ‘Chart of Accounts’