In this blog, we’ve discussed everything that an accountant needs to know about the Sage 50 accounting software, designed specifically for medium-size businesses that need an enterprise-level accounting solution to manage financial records while running with ease.

Late till the 1980s, accounting, and financial tasks for any business was considered a complex, lengthy and laborious process that used to require all financial data and notations to be recorded, stored and analyzed physically. But after that, with the introduction of accounting software in the world, one can say that a reliable and quick method of doing almost every ‘accounts and finance’ related work has definitely revolutionized the business world.

However, what still bothers every individual and business group is the hectic process of finding the best accounting software for their business. After all, you cannot easily trust any accounting software that you’ll later on use to ‘manage your various accounting tasks’ as well as to ‘store all the financial information related to your business.’ In fact, you need the best-reviewed accounting software for all your financial and accounting needs.

And though, there are various accounting software available in the market that mainly considered on the top; still, if you’re specifically looking for a desktop solution for all your financial and accounting needs then from the limited options “Sage 50 – Cloud Connected, Desktop Accounts Solution” is the one that you’ll definitely prefer to use for your business as soon as you came to know everything about this accounting software. So, without wasting any further second, let’s continue reading further about the “SAGE 50 ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE.”

What is Sage 50?

Earlier famous as Peachtree accounting software, the Sage 50cloud software is produced by the business app company, “The Sage Group.” Having numerous facilities for processing all the financial information, the software is a basic computerized package that simplifies every-day based accounting and financial tasks as well as provides the insight to efficiently run businesses.

The Sage accounting software system offers users the facility to view their financial information in the most simplistic manner after it collects, classifies, and summarizes business data in an accessible way.

It is basically a comprehensive accounting solution that offers: “A desktop installation version for security and performance, intuitive interface for easy adoption and usability, as well as robust functionality for compliance, control & accuracy” with many capabilities such as:

  • Update customer and supplier records
  • Print out invoices
  • Tracks payments and income
  • Automatically update the general ledger
  • Summarizes customer accounts with overdue balances
  • Valuation of stock
  • Automatic altering stock levels
  • Analyze sales
  • Automatic calculation of payroll
  • VAT returns etc.

Talking more in detail about the Sage 50 accounting software, then let me tell you that based on Sage reviews, the software is although positioned as easy-to-use software program for growing ‘small businesses’ but what is more surprising for people to know is that it is even scalable to perform effectively for big business accounting processes.

With standard accounting industry-specific functions such as accounts payables and accounts receivable for bill payments and cash flow management, Sage 50 can also perform faster processing that can be used by up to 40 employees at the same time.

The software has a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. Not only that, but Sage 50 also to be referred to as Sage 50c or Sage 50cloud (for representing the integration between Sage 50 and Microsoft Office 365) works well with many popular productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Exchange, and Sage-endorsed third-party applications.

To summarize, what exactly Sage 50 accounting software does is:

  • Get an overview of your business finances in no time
  • Synchronizes with your bank instantly
  • View your finances and gain better insights into them.
  • Back up your financial information securely
  • Easily create reports
  • Process VAT and international payments
  • Stay updated on the latest financial legislation
  • And, save your time, cost, and boost the productivity of your business.

Moving further, there’s no surprise to the fact that, the popularity of Sage 50 accounting software is increasing at a fast pace mainly because of its comprehensive features. So, let’s also highlight its impressive features for those individuals and business groups who have not started using this software yet.

Here’s the list of “Sage 50 Business Solution Software’s Top 5 Comprehensive Features” that you all should know:

Cash Flow Management

Instead of spending a good amount of time every month to manually create financial reports in order to keep track of the cash flowing in and out for each client; you can easily get the automated reports generated timely with Sage 50.

Sales Optimization

As all your clients need from you to track the orders received and sales target met in a specific period, what you can do is organize your sales processes that include creating quotes, proposals, sales orders, and sales invoices, etc simply with the help of Sage 50 software.


This might be the most daunting task that all business groups definitely need to do but not any more! With Sage 50 payroll services you can pay easily to your employees, track profits, and as well as report taxes.

Payment Acceptance and Invoicing

Invoicing has been considered an essential task while dealing with finances but at the same time, the possibility of human error has always been higher during manual invoice creation. So, to avoid that you can use Sage 50 to minimize such risk. With it, you can easily create, edit, and send invoices.

Inventory Management

It’s a fact that poor inventory management can result in loss of sales but in order to stay profitable you can use Sage 50 as with its real-time stock data, you can easily be able to distinguish between what you should stock more and what you should not.

Now, let’s also shed some light on the Sage 50 accounting software benefits for those who do not have much idea about the benefits of using this advanced software.

Sage50 Accounting Software Top 5 Benefits

  1. You can “Rule out Human Error” with its completely computerized method of storing all of your financial information.
  2. With its “Real-Time Financial Information” you can easily access your account data to see all the transactions and cash flow to date.
  3. The software is “Less Time Consuming” as it completely avoids the manual needs to fill and carry out data entry.
  4. As the accounting tasks become more and more complex when your business develop or grow but Sage 50 accounting software “Keep Things Simple” because of its computerized accounting systems.
  5. Sage 50 accounting software makes your accounting process quick, efficient, and “Cost Effective” by avoiding paper-based accounting.

Other than these top 5 benefits, Sage 50 accounting software also offers other benefits like:

  • It is flexible enough for CPAs and non-accountants.
  • It has ‘screen-level security and automatic backup,’ which is critical to protect your data.
  • Include options for credit card processing and inventory management.
  • Offers a customizable dashboard for quick access to important business data.
  • Also, compatible with other Sage products that are scaled to match your business growth.

Now, as enough has been discussed related to the Sage 50 accounting software, features, and benefits; time has come to dive deeper into its different software plans along with discussing their pricing details as well!

Sage 50cloud Pricing and Plans

There Are three unique Sage 50 plans, and they’re as follows:

PLAN 1: Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting Software PLAN 2: Sage 50cloud
Premium Accounting Software
PLAN 3: Sage 50cloud
Quantum Accounting Software
It’s the first and basic plan with which you can have access to essential accounting tools, integration options, and customer support. It is considered the next step up for the Sage 50 accounting software with which you can access more advanced capabilities to manage more in-depth and complex accounting and finance tasks. It’s the last but at the same time, it is the most powerful, and most costly, version of Sage 50 accounting software with which you can access more flexible as well as advanced accounting features with also having access to pro and premium features.
You can use Sage 50cloud Pro for one company and only have one user account. You can add multiple users (5 users) to your account and can use the software for up to 10 companies. You can easily add up to 40 users along with an unlimited number of companies.
You can choose to pay for Sage 50 Pro accounting software on a monthly or annual basis.

Basically, Sage accounting software costs you ranging from $33 per month or to $340 per year.

With Sage 50cloud
Premium Accounting Software also allows you to choose between monthly and annual pricing. But as it allows multiple users, it’s pricing differs on this qualification such as: For Monthly basis:

  • $52 for one user
  • $66 for two users
  • $83 for three users
  • $103 for four users
  • $120 for five users

For Annual basis:

  • $528 for one user
  • $667 for two users
  • $835 for three users
  • $1,040 for four user
  • $1,209 for five users
Similar to premium plan you can add additional users and choose between monthly or yearly payments.

For Monthly basis:

  • $129 for three users
  • $63 for five users
  • $222 for 10 users

For Annual basis:

  • $86 for one user
  • $1,090 for two users
  • $1,303 for three users
  • $1,516 for four users
  • $1,642 for five users
  • $2,235 for ten users

And, for more than 11 users, contact the Sage 50 team.

**Currently, there is a discount of 40% on Sage 50cloud accounting product for the first year. Normal pricing applies from second year onwards.